Usa, 33 morti nella strage in università: ecco il racconto dei blogger

virginia.jpg L'America è sotto choc. Sono trentadue le persone rimaste uccise ieri nel campus dell'università "Virginia Tech", a Blacksburg, in Virginia (Usa), dai colpi di arma da fuoco di uno studente ventiduenne di origini asiatiche, suicidatosi dopo la strage. Il motivo sembra essere una vendetta amorosa.

Nella tragedia, le prime informazioni sono giunte dagli studenti stessi che erano nel campus, confermando l'ormai riconosciuto "citizen journalism". Il primo video sulla strage è stato girato da uno studente con il suo telefonino e mandato in onda dalla Cnn. Guardate il filmato della sparatoria e el foto degli studenti. Ma non solo.

Il massacro è stato raccontato in diretta sui blog degli studenti del Virginia Tech.

Scrive Bryce: " My friends and I got out of class at about 9:50.  Walked across campus.  The wind blew with flurries about.  Sirens were in the distance and I saw an undercover cop car go about 80 down one of the drives.  That was odd.  In front one of the dorms, West AJ, were several police cars, lights off and parked. We started talking about how there are always situations that cops rush across campus for and we never hear about".

Mentre Paul parla della propria fidanzata, coinvolta nella sparatoria: "The story goes that she was in class and they heard a banging, her teacher opened the door to find out what was going on, and after not seeing anything, closed the door. Not more than two seconds later, a gunman entered her room, to which the class responded by getting underneath the desks and basicly hiding as well as possible from this guy. He then shot at the class somewhere between 8 to 12 times and then left. Kate was hit in the hand by a stray bullet, after speaking with her on the phone while she was/is at the hospital,I found out that she still has a peice of a bullet lodged into her hand, and has fractions on her index and pinkey finger. She is about to go into surgery to get that cleaned up and will be there for the next three days. Again she was not specific on exactly what transpired there, but it must have been very stressful for her. She said that the gunman, who looked asian, left and She and another classmate barricated the door while others attended to the wounded and injured. The gunman came back and tried to get in, but because of the barracade couldnt and proceeded to shoot at the door at hip level, while kate was and the other classmates were at ground level.

Infine, guardate su Wikipedia: la strage è già entrata nelle pagine della storia (Si trova il resoconto della tragedia, i sospetti, i nomi delle vittime, le dichiarazioni istituzionali e la rassegna stampa ). 

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